Tests for Firefox

Problem: links into Flash - deep links

Firefox versions 26 to 28 (at least Ubuntu 12.04 on 32-bit-systems, but probably all Unix-/Linux-versions) do no longer jump to Flash-links like
Other browsers (even Firefox on Windows) do jump correctly to frame / reference #zwei.

Firefox browsers on Ubuntu always jump to the beginning of the animation (i.e. #eins).

green: OK
red: FF bug

Though, the examples above are written in php, they are purely static. All dynamic aspects were removed for this test. Still, I offer a .html version as well.

The bug can be reproduced, when a link is pointing into another .swf-File. Then deep-links will not work.
As long as internal links are used within the same Flash-file, deep links will work properly.

If you click on the links #zwei, #drei, #vier, #fuenf or #sechs on the first page / Flash-animation (-4.swf), FF versions jump to #eins (=1.) at the beginning of the other animation (-9.swf), instead of the frames further on.

Mind the number in the headline of each animation: 1., 2., 3., 4. etc.

Major problem

This is not a minor problem, as only my web-site contains over 14,000 Flash files with more than one hundred thousand links affected as described above.